1. ZANJ Radio

    Jamaican Net Radio Looking for DJs

    Hello, we are ZANJ RADIO, a small but eclectic internet radio station based in Stony Hill, St.Andrew Jamaica. We currently operate on the weekend and are looking for DJs/Presenters who may be interested in having a show on our station. We focus heavily on introducing our audience to music from...
  2. Scander

    Preview Scander SC019 Cosmic Boys - ZEUS " EP " Remix by Maksim Dark.

    Preview Scander SC019 Cosmic Boys - ZEUS " EP " Remix by Maksim Dark. 17th October 2016 on Beatport. Good listening. Soundcloud Link:
  3. bgf1981

    Podcasting Presenter Needed

    I'm in the process of launching a Audio show on a podcast network featuring Exclusive Artist Performances & Interviews. M/F Presenter needed but must be a music lover (preferably with an Alternative/Rock background) & available to record in a Central London Studio. Unfortunately this is on a...
  4. Quite Great

    UK party rap sensation J Keys drops massive dance anthem ‘Beautiful Creatures – The Remix’

    Following the recent success of ‘Wreckless’ and ‘Wreckless - The Remix’, Essex-born Bournemouth-based rapper J Keys is back with a brand new explosive single ‘Beautiful Creatures - The Remix’. The track sees J Keys dropping some playful bars over a flashy beat made up of jungle breaks and...
  5. J

    What type of music is this radio station playing?

    Hi, Came across a Radio Station online recently and it plays the most bizarre chill out music I've heard, it seems to be a real mixed of different genres some good dance music on there as well like Ibiza Stuff. The voiceovers seem to be English so not sure...
  6. S

    Every Sunday Live on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, I am Souldennis from Greece and I would like to inform you that every Sunday on Coni-OnAir , I present my broadcast from 7pm to 9pm (GMT+2) (Athens Time 19:00-21:00). My show includes songs from soul and jazz music scenes. Some of them are rare. I'll be glad to see you on air...
  7. Quite Great

    The UK’s leading Karaoke company Sunfly release a brand new app

    Available on all Apple and Android devices, Sunfly’s brand new app ‘Karaoke2U’ is set to provide Karaoke fans worldwide with a radical on-the-go experience. The brand new fully-licensed app includes new features including the ability for the user to record and share videos over social media...
  8. Quite Great

    Multi instrumented Irish folk-rock band The Dandy Horses

    'The multi-instrumentalism of the band is showcased beautifully….The whole EP reeks of summer with a promise of good times., all rolled up in the Dandy’s Americana/country/folk good time sound. The Dandy Horses build their songs on a strong foundation of sweet memorable melody and great lyrics’...
  9. David Allen

    DJ Looking for Dance Radio Station

    Hi, i am looking to join a Dance radio station, i play EDM mainly and am always looking for the newest tracks to play, if anyone is interested plz reply as i really want to join a radio station. Dave
  10. Vibes Collective

    Featuring Music from this forum

    Share your music on this blog or in a reply and get featured on Vibes Squad Internet Radio. Are you an up and coming artist or producer? Looking to get your work on a platform to be heard? Then send your music to to be possibly featured on a show called The Underground Vibe...
  11. R

    Trance Show Hosts

    Please can you have a look and tell me if you would be interested in the rest of this track: [Hashtag]RealWilkinson
  12. M

    Looking to Volunteer for Internet Radio.

    Hello, I'm currently a Podcaster (You can listen to my podcast on and I am currently a Creative Writer for a local radio station. I've also done some announcing or hosting (Whatever you want to call it) in the past, but I haven't lately. I would like to brush...
  13. Third Ear Music

    As content creator with many songs & CDs how can I share them?

    Hi and thanks for this opportunity! I just finished a very nice classical CD and would like to offer songs to internet radio stations . I have the rights to all the songs. How do I offer my CD to stations? The latest CD for online use has: 3} Gnossienne, Erik Satie 4} Gymnopedie, Erik Satie...
  14. Quite Great

    British alternative rock singer Karmilla delivers hypnotic alternative rock single ‘Leave Me to Me’

    “The instrumentation and arrangements on the album are sophisticated and provide the perfect complement to Camilla's clever lyrics and her sometimes poignant, sometimes powerful vocal delivery.” - Nick Dent Robinson Taken from her brand new album Early Workings of an Open Mind, Karmilla...
  15. Scander

    Preview Scander SC018 Khainz - NRCO " EP " Remixes by the owners Cosmic Boys and Mateo!.

    Preview Scander SC018 Khainz - NRCO " EP " Remixes by the owners Cosmic Boys and Mateo!. 27th June 2016 on Beatport. Good listening. Soundcloud Link:
  16. A

    Programmer looking to help out

    I recently ended my 6 year career as a brand manager in top 40 and am now enjoying life traveling the world with my fiancé. If anyone would like help building music schedules or would like me to schedule music for your station, reach out! I'd love to help you in your new venture. I used to...
  17. Scander

    New Scander SC017 Marc B - There There " EP " is out now on Beatport !!!

    New Scander SC017 Marc B - There There " EP " is out now on Beatport. Listen : Grab your copy : Supported by Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Cristian Varela, Claude VonStroke, Markantonio, Cosmic Boys, Matt Sassari, Alex Mine, Audiomatiques, Nicolas...
  18. R

    Trance Radio Stations I Would Like

    Exposure please. I am an individual who would like you to be involved in a new music chapter of my life where I need to go to the next level. With your kindest help I could become the next big thing. In short, I have been producing for some years as a hobbie, however - now it seems to be...
  19. Scander

    New Scander SC016 - Patrik Berg - Joker "Ep" Remixes by Cosmic Boys, Afrobeat, Danny B Preview.

    This is the preview of Scander SC016 - May 16th 2016 on Beatport. Patrik Berg - Joker "Ep" Remixes by the owners Cosmic Boys and Afrobeat, Danny B. Soundcloud Link:
  20. ZANJ Radio

    ZANJ Radio Looking for Guest DJs

    Hello, we are ZANJ Radio, an internet based radio platform located in Stony Hill, St. Andrew Jamaica. We air a wide variety of music and our station focus on highlighting emerging DJs, creative artists, art and music. Currently we broadcast on the weekends beginning on Friday evenings (-5GMT-...